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Hein Mevissen made his name as an art director, designer and entrepreneur, and went on to become the Award-winning director of such commercials for international brands like MTV, Comedy Central, and Lexus, Levi’s, T-Mobile and more.


When you think about some of the most well known MTV commercials like– “Günther, Sammy Says and outstanding product and designs like “John’s Phone and Ollimania– you’ll think of the creative powerhouse behind these creations, designs and stories, that is Hein Mevissen.


Early years.

Hein Mevissen’s creativity and passion are central to his character. There is a unique reason to meet Hein; his ability to completely inhabit the mind of the consumer and to create and design products, visuals and films from that perspective -- then propel that vision through every stage of the process without compromise. People sense he is their passionate advocate.

Director, designer and producer Hein Mevissen was born n Limburg, South of Holland, in 1972. Hein Mevissen decided at the age of 10 that he wanted to be a cartoonist and designer and at 12 he designed and sold his first corporate identity logo to one of the biggest factory in Limburg.


From that moment Hein never stopped designing, drawing and making stories.

During and after high school, he created many logos, campaigns for the local businesses in his hometown. At the age of 16 he started his first T-shirt design company for several popular bands and travelled around the whole country to sell them.


Film, books, toys, designs, photos and more by Hein Mevissen.

 Hein Mevissen is far from just a director, he is also an award winner designer, artist, author, photographer, and entrepreneur.  He also successfully created and designed the most easy phone in the world in 2006, the John ‘ Phone.

It’s astonishing to me, how much you can feel his whole sensibility, humor and way of thinking there is in any work or project he made. His comedy shines through, surely, but also his wistful way of looking at the slowly - changing world.

His photography talents are not limited to any genre. 



Hein Mevissen’s work has been shown in Europe. It is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the contemporary Museum of Art Boijmans in Rotterdam, the Miba National Design Museum in Barcelona, as well as museums in Munich, Germany.


Hein’s passion is to create. Whatever the product is, a film, a photo, a new character for a book or story, Hein dives into it and takes care of everything. The result is a new look, design, and product you never heard of but what you really like.

Hein:” It all starts with design. Design is a profession that takes care of everything. All of these things around us are designed by somebody. This car, this phone, this film, this book, this chair, everything and I like the challenge to make it simple, great and add a little humor in it."

Besides being a director, designer and creator Hein Mevissen opened in 2001 its Amsterdam design advertising office called ‘John Doe Amsterdam’ with Didi Bok, a Dutch-born writer who worked with him on commercials, films, books and other major projects. Later they opened its Los Angeles office, and in 2004 they launched their own entertainment brand Ollimania.



Since 2008 Hein Mevissen is based in Los Angeles.

His Dutch company is a full service advertising, brand, content, marketing agency and Production Company for film and commercials. This company is called John Doe. And the other is Ollimania, specializes in creating characters and brands. Ollimania licenses their brands, designs and characters to licensees, distributers, manufacturers, wholesalers and other professional services. Ollimania creates products, books, TV shows and animations branded with these characters.

Sam Stewart about Mevissen, “What always amazes me about Hein Mevissen is his ability to take lots of information and somehow clarify it.”


Bok and Mevissen work on expanding Ollimania, this brand covers everything from books, stories, and film animation to toys, design for packaging and furniture.  Together Mevissen and Bok are versatile. Designers. Writers. Filmmakers. Marketers. Producers. Brand makers. Big talents without the big egos. Creative problem solvers who love what they do and if needed invent new product if they see an opportunity.

Hein Mevissen preaches clarity and coherence and practiced them with intense discipline in everything he turned out, whether a new phone design, toys, books or movies. And there is one ingredient what is never missing in Hein’s work that is truly catchy visuals combined with great humor.  


Every piece of Mevissen’s work is distinctive in its own right.




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